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What is AIFF file?

AIFF is a sound file format used for storing digital audio data. It was created by the Moving Picture Experts Group and it was released in 1992. It was originally used for storing the audio tracks of video files on laser discs but its usage became more widespread after 1995 when it became common to store music on CDs, which meant that digital audio files were no longer needed. nAIFF files can be formatted as either lossless or lossy files. Lossless AIFFs use all available bits to store the information and are able to keep high quality recordings without any compression artifacts. They can also be encoded to a range of formats including APE, mp3, m4a, FLAC, and more. Lossy AIFFs use a quality level setting that specifies how much compression should be applied while keeping a high enough bitrate so that an original source file sounds similar when converted to another file format like mp3 or AAC .

AIFF Format details

Full Name Audio Interchange Format
Developer Apple
Category Audio Files

Tools that will help you view AIFF files

Sometimes you need to quickly preview the contents of a file with the AIFF extension. In such a situation, many people decide to find a tool that, according to its creators, can display the contents of the AIFF file and many other types of files (All in One Viewer).

Of course, there are such tools. However, it should be remembered that they may display the data contained in the AIFF file differently than the application dedicated to handling the AIFF file extension. When you cannot afford to have the data of the AIFF file displayed different from the original, you should use the applications developed to work with the AIFF file.

Below you will find a list of software programs that will help you with this. These software programs will help you view the content of the AIFF file, minimizing possible errors that may arise with other tools.

AIFF File Viewers

  • AVS Audio Converter
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Microsoft Expression Encoder
  • dBpoweramp family suite
  • FLV Crunch
  • All2MP3
  • 6 AIFF viewers