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List of U File Openers

1 .U Opener Unreal Tournament Class Package Editor
2 .U10 Opener UFile 2010 Tax Return Editor
3 .U11 Opener UFile 2011 Tax Return Editor
4 .U12 Opener UFile 2012 Tax Return Editor
5 .U3D Opener Universal 3D Format Editor
6 .U3I Opener U3 Application Information Format Editor
7 .U3P Opener U3 Smart Application Editor
8 .U8 Opener 3D Lemmings Audio Format Editor
9 .UAX Opener Unreal Audio Package Editor
10 .UB Opener Unsigned Byte Audio Format Editor
11 .UBJ Opener Universal Binary JSON Format Editor
12 .UBOX Opener Universe Sandbox Data Format Editor
13 .UC Opener UnrealScript Class Editor
14 .UC2 Opener UltraCompressor 2 Archive Editor
15 .UCCAPILOG Opener Microsoft UCC API Log Format Editor
16 .UCE Opener Windows UCE System Format Editor
17 .UCF Opener WebEx Media Format Editor
18 .UCI Opener UFS Explorer Backup Format Editor
19 .UCL Opener Unreal Tournament Cache Format Editor
20 .UCM Opener Crazy Machines Model Format Editor
21 .UCT Opener UC Browser Theme Format Editor
22 .UD Opener OmniPage User Dictionary Editor
23 .UDB Opener Dynamics AX User Database Format Editor
24 .UDC Opener Adobe InDesign User Dictionary Editor
25 .UDCX Opener Universal Data Connection Format Editor
26 .UDEB Opener Debian Package Format Editor
27 .UDF Opener Universal Disk Format Format Editor
28 .UDK Opener Unreal Engine Map Format Editor
29 .UDL Opener Microsoft Universal Data Link Format Editor
30 .UDS Opener FIMware Database Format Editor
31 .UEA Opener Protector Suite QL Encrypted Archive Editor
32 .UFO Opener Ulead Format Object Editor
33 .UFR Opener Ultra Fractal Format Editor
34 .UFS Opener FreeBSD Unix Format System Format Editor
35 .UFS.UZIP Opener Compressed Unix Format System Format Editor
36 .UHA Opener UHarc Compressed Archive Editor
37 .UHTML Opener UHTML Document Format Editor
38 .UI Opener User Interface Format Editor
39 .UIBAK Opener UltraISO Backup Disk Image Editor
40 .UIF Opener Universal Image Format Disc Image Editor
41 .UIS Opener WindowBlinds User Interface Specification Editor
42 .UKX Opener Unreal Animation Package Editor
43 .ULAW Opener Raw U-Law Audio Format Editor
44 .ULF Opener Universal List Format Editor
45 .ULS Opener NetMeeting User Location Service Format Editor
46 .ULT Opener UltraTracker Module Editor
47 .ULW Opener U-Law Audio Format Editor
48 .ULZ Opener USBlyzer Data Capture Format Editor
49 .UMF Opener MediaHolder Universal Media Format Format Editor
50 .UML Opener UML Data Object Model Editor
51 .UMLCLASS Opener UML Class Model Editor
52 .UMOD Opener Unreal Tournament Module Format Editor
53 .UMS Opener Rune 3D Mesh Format Editor
54 .UMX Opener Deus Ex Format Editor
55 .UNAUTH Opener SiteMinder Unauthorized Message Format Editor
56 .UNI Opener MikMod UniMOD Module Editor
57 .UNITY Opener Unity Scene Format Editor
58 .UNITY3D Opener Unity Web Player Format Editor
59 .UNITYPACKAGE Opener Unity Package Format Editor
60 .UNK Opener UVProbe Format Editor
61 .UNKNOWN Opener Unknown Format Type Editor
62 .UNL Opener Garmin Unlock Format Editor
63 .UNR Opener Unreal Level Map Editor
64 .UNT Opener AutoCAD Unit Definition Format Editor
65 .UNX Opener Unix Text Format Editor
66 .UOF Opener Uniform Office Document Editor
67 .UOP Opener Uniform Office Presentation Editor
68 .UOS Opener Uniform Office Spreadsheet Editor
69 .UOT Opener Uniform Office Document Editor
70 .UPD Opener Program Update Information Editor
71 .UPDATE Opener ISAPI Update Format Editor
72 .UPDATR Opener IConomy Update Format Editor
73 .UPF Opener Nokia Phone Digital Photo Format Editor
74 .UPG Opener Firmware Upgrade Format Editor
75 .UPK Opener Unreal Engine 3 Package Editor
76 .UPOI Opener IGO Points Of Interest Format Editor
77 .UPR Opener FileMaker User Spelling Dictionary Editor
78 .UPX Opener Ultimate Packer For EXecutables Format Editor
79 .UQM Opener The Ur-Quan Masters Game Data Format Editor
80 .URL Opener Internet Shortcut Editor
81 .URR Opener Uniface Signatures Format Editor
82 .URT Opener Utah Raster Toolkit Format Editor
83 .USA Opener Microsoft Office Headers Format Editor
84 .USEQ Opener USeq Genome Data Format Editor
85 .USER Opener Visual Studio Project User Options Format Editor
86 .USERPROFILE Opener Norton Antivirus User Profile Format Editor
87 .USERTILE-MS Opener Windows 8 User Tile Format Editor
88 .USF Opener Nintendo 64 Music Format Editor
89 .USFLIB Opener Nintendo 64 Song Library Editor
90 .USM Opener USM Game Video Format Editor
91 .USR Opener FileMaker Pro Database Format Editor
92 .UST Opener WiFi SiStr Exported User Theme Format Editor
93 .USTAR Opener Uniform Standard Tape Archive Format Format Editor
94 .USX Opener Unreal Static Meshes Editor
95 .UT2 Opener Unreal Tournament Map Editor
96 .UT2MOD Opener Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 Module Format Editor
97 .UT3 Opener Unreal Tournament 3 Map Format Editor
98 .UT4MOD Opener Unreal Tournament 2004 Module Editor
99 .UT8 Opener Ghost Master Language Format Editor
100 .UTC Opener Bioware Creature Format Editor
101 .UTF8 Opener Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document Editor
102 .UTW Opener Unity Whirld Format Editor
103 .UTX Opener Unreal Texture Package Editor
104 .UTXT Opener Unicode Text Format Editor
105 .UTZ Opener UIQ Theme Package Editor
106 .UU Opener Uuencoded Format Editor
107 .UUD Opener UUDecoded Format Editor
108 .UUE Opener Uuencoded Format Editor
109 .UVF Opener Uncertain Value Format Editor
110 .UVX Opener Unreal Tournament 2003 Saved Game Editor
111 .UW Opener Unsigned Word Audio Format Editor
112 .UWF Opener UltraTracker Wave Format Editor
113 .UWL Opener User Word List Format Editor
114 .UXX Opener Unreal Tournament Cache Editor
115 .UZIP Opener FreeBSD Compressed Disk Image Editor
116 .UTT Opener BioWare Aurora Engine Trigger Editor
117 .URL_ Opener Internet Shortcut - URL - Uniform Resource Locator Editor
118 .UVSEG Opener UVScreenCamera Segments Editor
119 .UAS Opener Ulead PhotoImpact Backup Editor
120 .UEED Opener Uconomix Encryption Engine Encrypted Directory Editor
121 .UAV Opener OpenPilot UAV Settings Editor
122 .UNA Opener SIMS Unauthorized Data Editor
123 .UAQ Opener Microsoft Windows Action Queue Editor
124 .UDA Opener ZEMAX Model Data Editor
125 .UID Opener IBM Voice Type Users Editor
126 .UZE Opener UltimateZip Compressed Archive Editor
127 .UDI Opener CorelDRAW Draw Script Textures Bitmap Editor
128 .UXF Opener UMLet UML EXchange Format Editor
129 .UGD Opener Need For Speed Underground Editor
130 .UVR Opener UVR Mesh Editor
131 .ULB Opener COBOL Unisys Library Editor
132 .U01 Opener Barudan Embroidery Editor
133 .UNV Opener BusinessObjects Universe Editor
134 .U255LAW Opener Exponential 8-bit Sound Editor
135 .UCV Opener Universal Converter Conversion Editor
136 .UDP Opener Corel VideoStudio Scene Information Editor
137 .URD-JOURNAL Opener Ultra Recall Journal Update Editor
138 .UNF Opener Btreive Unformatted Editor
139 .UDID Opener Google Android Unique Device IDentifier Editor
140 .UMLX Opener Visual UML XML Model Editor
141 .UNCOMPRESSED_SIZE Opener Singularity Game Editor
142 .UEW Opener UltraEdit Wordfile Editor
143 .UFC Opener SATURN Suite Editor
144 .UIR Opener LabWindows User Interface Resource Editor
145 .UYVY Opener YUV 16-bit Image Format Editor
146 .UPL Opener StarMoney Agent Download Editor
147 .UMD Opener UMD Mobile Ebook Editor
148 .UNQ Opener ACT! 3.0 Email Message Attachment Editor
149 .UTM Opener BioWare Aurora Game Engine Store Editor
150 .UNIX Opener Unix Editor
151 .UPO Opener DBASE Compiled Update Data Editor
152 .UDW Opener Raw Unsigned DoubleWord (32-bit) Data Editor
153 .UTB Opener µTBackup Backup Editor
154 .UXY Opener Barudan Embroidery Outline Editor
155 .URS Opener ControlDraw User Requirement Specifier Editor
156 .US Opener English Language Translation Editor
157 .UPJ Opener Ulead Project Editor
158 .URF Opener AppFace Skin Editor
159 .UTPART Opener µTorrent Unfinished Download Editor
160 .USC Opener USC Module Definition Editor
161 .U96 Opener EasyZip Temporary Editor
162 .UCS Opener Homeworld Localized Unicode Strings Editor
163 .USECASEDIAGRAM Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Use Case Diagram Editor
164 .ULD Opener Unified Luminaire Datafile Editor
165 .UFX Opener Ultimate 3D Game Engine Material Editor
166 .ULYS Opener Ulysses Project Editor
167 .UCLS Opener ObjectAid UML Explorer Class Diagram Editor
168 .UVW Opener 3D Studio MAX UVW Coordinates Editor
169 .UHH Opener Eurotherm Hydra History Encrypted Editor
170 .UVCAB Opener UVScreenCamera Films Editor
171 .UVPROJ Opener µVision4 Project Editor
172 .UTP Opener BioWare Aurora Game Engine Placeable Object Editor
173 .US? Opener Microsoft Word Font Editor
174 .UGR Opener Apophysis Gradient Editor
175 .UIT Opener UIX XML Template Editor
176 .UES Opener Ulead Photo Explorer Slide Show Editor
177 .UCP Opener SmartWare Communications Profile Editor
178 .UNS Opener Visual Navigation Suite Export Or Import Settings Editor
179 .UCSETTINGS Opener Universal Converter Settings Editor
180 .UHTM Opener Unreal Tournament Editor
181 .USP Opener PageMaker Printer Font Editor
182 .UKA Opener Fifa World Cup Game Data Editor
183 .UKS Opener Microsoft Works Editor
184 .UMM Opener Unified Molecular Modeling Editor
185 .URLS Opener GetRight Internet Shortcuts List Editor
186 .UCR Opener MicroSim PCBoard Unrouted Nets Report Editor
187 .UIC Opener COCO Unit ICon Editor
188 .UDO Opener Moray UDO 3D Editor
189 .UAE Opener WinUAE Configuration Editor
190 .UIN Opener ICQ 2001 Saved ICQ Contact Information Editor
191 .USB Opener SiSoftware Sandra Editor
192 .UAP Opener SIMATIC WinCC User Archive Export Editor
193 .URD Opener Ultra Recall Database Editor
194 .UFI Opener UFOCaptureV2 Editor
195 .UFA Opener GIF Animator Animation Object Information Editor
196 .UMR Opener MyEclipse UML Model Repository Editor
197 .UTI Opener Spybot - Search & Destroy Includes Editor
198 .UBR Opener IIS WCAT Configuration Editor
199 .UPM Opener PenMail Editor
200 .UENC Opener UltraEdit Encrypted Text Editor
201 .U32 Opener Authorware Cover Editor
202 .UIZ Opener Spybot Search & Destroy Updater Editor
203 .UDIF Opener Apple Mac OS X Universal Disk Image Format Editor
204 .USH Opener Creston SIMPL Windows Editor
205 .UEZ Opener Ulead COOL 3D Graphics Editor
206 .USI Opener UsiXML UI Description Editor
207 .UIL Opener IBM AIX User Interface Language Editor
208 .UCX Opener Rational XDE Editor
209 .USG Opener PC-Doctor For Windows Editor
210 .UMP Opener UModel Project Editor
211 .UVNTS Opener UVScreenCamera Notes Editor
212 .UFF Opener DataWave SciWorks Physiological Data Editor
213 .UPK0 Opener Metro 2033 Game Editor
214 .UPZ Opener StarMoney Agent Download Editor
215 .UDM Opener MapView User Module Editor
216 .UHS Opener Universal Hint System Binary Editor
217 .ULP Opener EAGLE Script Editor
218 .UUS Opener Ultra Utility Skin Editor
219 .USL Opener ProWORX Nxt USL Loadable Editor
220 .UTL Opener QuickBooks Data Editor
221 .UMB Opener MemMaker Backup Editor
222 .UPI Opener Ulead PhotoImpact Plugin Editor
223 .UAL Opener Entrust Unattended Login Credentials Editor
224 .U08 Opener UFile Data Editor
225 .UTE Opener BioWare Aurora Game Engine Encounter Editor
226 .UIX Opener UiXML Page Editor
227 .UNUSED Opener Photoline 4 Defaults Editor
228 .UOL Opener PhotoImpact Clipart Image Editor
229 .UNITYPROJ Opener Unity 3D Project Editor
230 .UBM Opener IPhoto Mtwain Install Editor
231 .URC Opener Unicenter Remote Control Editor
232 .UBIFS Opener Linux UBIFS Image Editor
233 .UFDR Opener UFED Physical Analyzer Report Package Editor
234 .UKY Opener UltraMixer Licence Key Editor
235 .U2CAR Opener NFS:U2 Car Editor
236 .USS Opener WinUAE Saved State Editor
237 .UPDF Opener UltraPdf Publication Editor
238 .UTD Opener BioWare Aurora Game Engine Door Editor
239 .UPP Opener Ghostscript Uniprint Unified Printer Parameter Editor
240 .UDG Opener UDraw(Graph) Editor
241 .URP Opener Universal Report Editor
242 .UTS Opener Spybot - Search & Destroy Include Editor
243 .UCD Opener Prosa Diagram Editor
244 .UFP Opener Ulead Photo Project Editor
245 .UK Opener English (British) Language Translation Editor
246 .U00 Opener The Price Is Right 2010 Game Editor
247 .UPC Opener Ultimate Paint Component Editor
248 .UDX Opener PI Expert Design Software Editor
249 .UZ2 Opener Unreal Tournament Compressed Editor
250 .UZY Opener Backdoor.Sokacaps Editor
251 .URQ Opener Review QuickChart Chart Editor
252 .UVS Opener UVScreenCamera Segments Editor
253 .UID-ZPS Opener Zoner Photo Studio Picture Autobackup Editor
254 .UXDC Opener Microsoft Excel Data Retrieval Service Connection Editor
255 .UNIT_VARIANT Opener Total War Unit Variant Settings Editor
256 .UPS Opener Microsoft Works Editor
257 .UV2 Opener µVision Project Editor
258 .UNITXT Opener YS FLIGHT Language Editor
259 .USZ Opener Stardock WindowBlinds SkinStudio Data Format Editor
260 .UDT Opener User Defined Type Data Format Editor
261 .UKE Opener Ulead VideoStudio Data Format Editor
262 .UNAVAILABLE Opener Al-Namrood Ransomware Affected Format Editor
263 .UGZ Opener MultiGo Compressed Game Data Format Editor
264 .UCB Opener Unstoppable Copier Batch Scirpt Format Editor
265 .USERKIT Opener DrumCore Audio Format Editor
266 .UMPROFILE Opener UltraMon Display Profile Format Editor
267 .UVOPT Opener µVision Project Options Format Editor
268 .ULI Opener Microsoft Office Data Format Editor
269 .UBZ Opener Open-Sankore Document Format Editor
270 .UVPRJX Opener µVision Project Format Editor
271 .UVOPTX Opener µVision Configuration Format Editor
272 .UF Opener Crestron SIMPL+ X Generation Compiled Data Format Editor
273 .UITEST Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Data Format Editor
274 .U14 Opener Embird Embroidery Software Data Format Editor
275 .USBLOG Opener Usb Sniffer Log Format Editor
276 .UVU Opener Movie Maker Video Data Format Editor
277 .USDZ Opener USDZ Augmented Reality Format Format Format Editor
278 .UEL Opener Tekla Structures Custom Components Data Format Editor
279 .UM4 Opener Samsung Smart TV Video Format Editor
280 .UBX Opener U-center UBX GPS Log Data Format Editor
281 .ULG Opener ULG Bitmap Image Format Editor
282 .UGI Opener MultiGo Game Data Format Editor
283 .UUM Opener Minuum Keyboard Backup Format Editor
284 .UEC Opener UltraEdit Settings Format Editor
285 .UVKBK Opener Ultra Virus Killer Backup Information Format Editor
286 .UGP Opener Aroma Unit Genome Position Data Format Editor
287 .UVKSR Opener Ultra Virus Killer System Repair Settings Format Editor
288 .UM3 Opener XWE Data Format Editor
289 .USERSETTINGS Opener User Settings Format Editor
290 .UL Opener Windows Updates Downloader Update List Format Editor
291 .UEM Opener LDC Region Data Format Editor
292 .UPLUGIN Opener Unreal Tournament Plugin Format Editor
293 .UNKNOWN_VIDEO Opener Youtube API Video Information Format Editor
294 .ULC Opener RevaSoft ULC Application Format Editor
295 .UPK1 Opener Metro 2033 Game Data Format Editor
296 .UMV Opener Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Video Data Format Editor
297 .UVKEY Opener Ultra Virus Killer License Format Editor
298 .UFRAW Opener UFRaw Data Format Editor
299 .UMC Opener SIMPL Application Format Editor
300 .UAR Opener Uniface Deployment Archive Format Editor
301 .UASSET Opener UnrealEd Resource Format Editor
302 .UBOT Opener UBot Project Format Editor
303 .UDR Opener Jade Unstructured Data Resource Format Editor
304 .UDZ Opener UDA ConstructionSuite Data Format Editor
305 .UEF Opener Unified Emulator Format Format Editor
306 .UFM Opener Unicode TrueType Font Format Editor
307 .UGC Opener Ace Of Spades Game Data Format Editor
308 .UKR Opener Adobe Acrobat Language Resource Data Format Editor
309 .UMAP Opener Unreal Tournament Map Format Editor
310 .UMSHORTCUT Opener UltraMon Data Format Editor
311 .UNIF Opener Universal NES Image Format ROM Image Format Editor
312 .UNREAL Opener Unreal Tournament Link Format Editor
313 .UNRST Opener OPM Data Format Editor
314 .UPKG Opener Unreal Engine Package Flag Format Editor
315 .UPROJECT Opener Unreal Tournament Game Data Format Editor
316 .URN Opener H3DAPI Uniform Resource Name Data Format Editor
317 .USDX Opener Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: Vegas Game Data Format Editor
318 .USV Opener LG Xenon Mobile Phone Contact List Format Editor
319 .UT2LINK Opener Unreal Tournament 2004 Game Data Format Editor
320 .UVN Opener Yamaha Tyros Audio Format Editor
321 .UVPROJX Opener µVision Project Format Editor
322 .UZED Opener Family Tree Builder Compressed Unicode GEDCOM Data Format Editor