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List of V File Openers

1 .V Opener Verilog Source Code Format Editor
2 .V12 Opener All The Right Type Database Format Editor
3 .V2I Opener Norton Ghost Virtual Volume Image Editor
4 .V2M Opener TI Connect Format Editor
5 .V3D Opener ViaCAD 3D Drawing Format Editor
6 .V3O Opener Emergency 3 And 4 Model Format Editor
7 .V64 Opener Nintendo 64 ROM Dump Editor
8 .VAC Opener IMail Server Vacation Message Format Editor
9 .VAG Opener PlayStation Compressed Sound Format Editor
10 .VAL Opener Corel Paradox Validity Check Format Editor
11 .VALA Opener Vala Source Code Format Editor
12 .VAP Opener Dialogic Indexed Voice Audio Format Editor
13 .VAPORCD Opener UltraISO Format Editor
14 .VAR Opener Variable Data Editor
15 .VAULT Opener Fontcase Vault Format Editor
16 .VB Opener VBScript Format Editor
17 .VBD Opener Visual Basic ActiveX Document Editor
18 .VBE Opener VBScript Encoded Script Format Editor
19 .VBF Opener VersaCheck Backup Format Editor
20 .VBG Opener Visual Basic Project Group Format Editor
21 .VBHTML Opener ASP.NET Razor Web Page Editor
22 .VBK Opener VitalSource EBook Editor
23 .VBM Opener Veeam Backup Metadata Format Editor
24 .VBOX Opener Oracle VM VirtualBox Settings Format Editor
25 .VBOX-EXTPACK Opener Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack Editor
26 .VBOX-PREV Opener Oracle VM VirtualBox Settings Backup Format Editor
27 .VBP Opener Visual Basic Project Format Editor
28 .VBPF1 Opener Virtual Business - Personal Finance Data Format Editor
29 .VBPROJ Opener Visual Studio Visual Basic Project Editor
30 .VBR Opener GIMP Parametric Brush Format Editor
31 .VBS Opener VBScript Format Editor
32 .VBSCRIPT Opener Visual Basic Script Editor
33 .VBT Opener Spyware Doctor Temporary Scan Format Editor
34 .VBW Opener Visual Basic Workspace Format Editor
35 .VBX Opener Visual Basic Custom Control Editor
36 .VBX6SETTINGS Opener VirusBarrier X6 Settings Format Editor
37 .VBZ Opener Visual Basic Project Template Editor
38 .VC Opener Verge Code Format Editor
39 .VC1 Opener VC-1 Video Format Editor
40 .VC3 Opener VSampler Soundbank Format Editor
41 .VC4 Opener Virtual CD Disc Image Editor
42 .VC6 Opener Virtual CD 6 CD Image Editor
43 .VC8 Opener Virtual CD 8 Disc Image Editor
44 .VCD Opener Virtual CD Editor
45 .VCE Opener Adobe Audition (Cool Edit) NMS Format Editor
46 .VCF Opener VCard Format Editor
47 .VCM Opener Vice City Mod Manager Format Editor
48 .VCO Opener Virtual CD Collection Format Editor
49 .VCP Opener EMbedded Visual C++ Project Format Editor
50 .VCPF Opener VideoConvert Project Format Editor
51 .VCPREF Opener Norton Antivirus Preferences Format Editor
52 .VCPROJ Opener Visual C++ Project Format Editor
53 .VCR Opener ATI Video Card Recording Editor
54 .VCRD Opener Windows Vault Credentials Format Editor
55 .VCS Opener VCalendar Event Format Editor
56 .VCT Opener Visual Class Library Memo Editor
57 .VCV Opener ViewCave Video Format Editor
58 .VCW Opener EMbedded Visual C++ Workspace Format Editor
59 .VCX Opener Virtual Disc Definition Format Editor
60 .VCXPROJ Opener Visual C++ Project Editor
61 .VDA Opener Targa Bitmap Image Format Editor
62 .VDATA Opener Vaulty Vault Format Editor
63 .VDB Opener Symantec Virus Database Format Editor
64 .VDC Opener IDRISI Vector Documentation Format Editor
65 .VDI Opener VirtualBox Virtual Disk Image Editor
66 .VDJ Opener VirtualDJ Audio Sample Format Editor
67 .VDJSEND Opener VirtualDJ Send Format Editor
68 .VDM Opener VDM Specification Format Editor
69 .VDO Opener VDOLive Media Format Editor
70 .VDP Opener Visual Studio Deployment Project Editor
71 .VDPROJ Opener Visual Studio Setup And Deployment Project Editor
72 .VDR Opener VirtualDub Signpost Format Editor
73 .VDW Opener Visio Web Drawing Editor
74 .VDX Opener Visio Drawing XML Format Editor
75 .VEC Opener DaVis Graphic Format Editor
76 .VEG Opener Vegas Video Project Editor
77 .VEGASWINDOWLAYOUT Opener Sony Vegas Window Layout Format Editor
78 .VEM Opener Virtual Expander Compressed Format Editor
79 .VEP Opener AVS Video Editor Project Format Editor
80 .VER Opener Version Record Editor
81 .VEXE Opener Virus Executable Format Editor
82 .VF Opener Vegas Movie Studio Project Format Editor
83 .VFB Opener FontLab Studio Font Format Editor
84 .VFC Opener VentaFax Cover Page Format Editor
85 .VFD Opener Virtual Floppy Disk Editor
86 .VFF Opener Sun TAAC Graphic Format Editor
87 .VFS Opener UFO Game Archive Format Editor
88 .VFT Opener VideoStudio Filter Format Editor
89 .VFW Opener Video For Windows Editor
90 .VFZ Opener Creative Webcam Video Effects Format Editor
91 .VGA Opener VGA Display Driver Editor
92 .VGC Opener ViziGen Code Generation Template Editor
93 .VGD Opener Generic CADD VGA Driver Editor
94 .VGI Opener Vista Game Explorer Editor Game Format Editor
95 .VGM Opener Video Game Music Format Editor
96 .VGZ Opener DigitalVDO Compressed Video Format Editor
97 .VHD Opener Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk Editor
98 .VHDX Opener Windows 8 Virtual Hard Drive Format Editor
99 .VHV Opener Valve Source Lighting Format Editor
100 .VI Opener LabVIEW Virtual Instrument Format Editor
101 .VIC Opener VICAR Image Editor
102 .VID Opener Generic Video Format Editor
103 .VIDEO Opener ATube Catcher Video Format Editor
104 .VIEWLET Opener Qarbon Viewlet Editor
105 .VIFF Opener Visualization Image Format Format Editor
106 .VIM Opener Vim Settings Format Editor
107 .VIMRC Opener Vim Runtime Configuration Format Editor
108 .VIP Opener Stitch Pattern Format Editor
109 .VIR Opener Virus-Infected Format Editor
110 .VIS Opener Visual Importer Script Editor
111 .VIV Opener RealNetworks VivoActive ActiveX Control Format Editor
112 .VIVO Opener VivoActive Video Format Editor
113 .VLAB Opener VisionLab Studio Project Format Editor
114 .VLC Opener VLC Playlist Editor
115 .VLCL Opener VMware Localization Format Editor
116 .VLE Opener Virtual Labs Electricity Circuit Format Editor
117 .VLG Opener VentaFax Logbook Format Editor
118 .VLP Opener LiveSite Project Editor
119 .VLT Opener VLC Media Player Skin Format Editor
120 .VLW Opener Processing Font Format Editor
121 .VLX Opener Compiled AutoLISP Format Editor
122 .VM Opener Velocity Template Editor
123 .VMAC Opener VMware Configuration Format Editor
124 .VMBA Opener VMware Configuration Format Editor
125 .VMC Opener Windows Virtual Machine Configuration Format Editor
126 .VMCX Opener Virtual Machine Shell Information Format Editor
127 .VMD Opener Covox Raw Sample Editor
128 .VMDK Opener Virtual Machine Disk Format Editor
129 .VMDK-CONVERTTMP Opener VMWare Fusion Temporary Format Editor
130 .VMF Opener Valve Map Format Editor
131 .VMF_AUTOSAVE Opener Valve Hammer Editor Autosave Format Editor
132 .VMG Opener Nokia Text Message Editor
133 .VMHF Opener VMware Hot Fix Format Editor
134 .VMHR Opener VMware Hot Fix Request Format Editor
135 .VML Opener Vector Markup Language Format Editor
136 .VMO Opener Siemens Voice Memo Format Editor
137 .VMPL Opener VMware Policy Format Editor
138 .VMSD Opener VMware Snapshot Metadata Format Editor
139 .VMSG Opener VMware Application Message Format Editor
140 .VMSN Opener VMware Snapshot State Format Editor
141 .VMSS Opener VMware Suspended State Format Editor
142 .VMT Opener Valve Material Format Editor
143 .VMTM Opener VMware Team Data Format Editor
144 .VMV Opener VirtuaNES Recording Editor
145 .VMWAREVM Opener VMware Fusion Virtual Machine Editor
146 .VMX Opener VMware Configuration Format Editor
147 .VMXF Opener VMware Team Member Format Editor
148 .VNA Opener Video Capture Album Format Editor
149 .VNC Opener VNC Configuration Format Editor
150 .VNCLOC Opener Screen Sharing VNC Internet Location Editor
151 .VND Opener Type3 Design Format Editor
152 .VNF Opener Vision Numeric Font Editor
153 .VNI Opener Dell Webcam Central Application Configuration Format Editor
154 .VNT Opener Mobile Phone VNote Format Editor
155 .VOB Opener DVD Video Object Format Editor
156 .VOC Opener Creative Labs Audio Format Editor
157 .VOI Opener VOI Group Format Editor
158 .VOK Opener PocketVok Vocabulary Format Editor
159 .VOL Opener Volume Format Editor
160 .VOLARCHIVE Opener CopyCatX Volume Archive Editor
161 .VOR Opener Or StarOffice Template Format Editor
162 .VOX Opener Dialogic Voice Audio Format Editor
163 .VOXAL Opener Voxal Project Format Editor
164 .VOXB Opener Voxler Network Format Editor
165 .VP Opener Ventura Publication Format Editor
166 .VP3 Opener On2 Streaming Video Format Editor
167 .VP6 Opener TrueMotion VP6 Video Format Editor
168 .VP7 Opener TrueMotion VP7 Video Format Editor
169 .VPA Opener VPchat Chat Gestures Format Editor
170 .VPC Opener ViziGen Configuration Format Editor
171 .VPC6 Opener Virtual Machine Package Editor
172 .VPC7 Opener Virtual Machine Package Editor
173 .VPCBACKUP Opener Windows Virtual PC Backup Format Editor
174 .VPD Opener PhotoDVD Project Format Editor
175 .VPE Opener Photoshop Vanishing Point Export Format Editor
176 .VPH Opener VirtualPhotographer Custom Settings Editor
177 .VPJ Opener Pixbend Studio Project Format Editor
178 .VPK Opener Valve Pak Editor
179 .VPL Opener Karaoke Player Playlist Editor
180 .VPM Opener Garmin Voice Format Editor
181 .VPOL Opener Windows Vault Policy Format Editor
182 .VPP Opener Visual Paradigm Project Format Editor
183 .VPS Opener Virtual CD Copy Template Editor
184 .VPX Opener Avast! Virus Update Format Editor
185 .VQC Opener Virtual CD Quick Copy Format Editor
186 .VQF Opener TwinVQ Audio Format Editor
187 .VRB Opener Veeam Incremental Backup Format Editor
188 .VRD Opener Visio Report Definition Format Editor
189 .VRF Opener Ventrilo Audio Recording Editor
190 .VRL Opener VRML Virtual World Editor
191 .VRML Opener VRML Format Editor
192 .VRO Opener DVD Video Recording Format Editor
193 .VRPHOTO Opener VR Photo Image Editor
194 .VS Opener Vertex Shader Format Editor
195 .VS4 Opener AVTECH CCTV Video Surveillance Format Editor
196 .VSCH Opener Windows Vault Schema Format Editor
197 .VSCONTENT Opener Visual Studio Content Format Editor
198 .VSD Opener Visio Drawing Format Editor
199 .VSDISCO Opener DISCO Dynamic Discovery Document Editor
200 .VSDM Opener Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing Editor
201 .VSDX Opener Visio Drawing Editor
202 .VSE Opener Video Server E Video Format Editor
203 .VSH Opener Vertex Shader Format Editor
204 .VSI Opener Visual Studio Content Installer Format Editor
205 .VSIX Opener Visual Studio Extension Editor
206 .VSL Opener Visio Add-on Editor
207 .VSMACROS Opener Visual Studio Binary Macro Project Editor
208 .VSMDI Opener Visual Studio Test Metadata Format Editor
209 .VSMPROJ Opener Visual Studio Text Macro Project Editor
210 .VSP Opener VideoStudio Project Format Editor
211 .VSPF Opener Visual Studio Performance Filter Format Editor
212 .VSPROPS Opener Visual Studio Project Property Format Editor
213 .VSPS Opener Visual Studio Serialized Performance Report Editor
214 .VSPSCC Opener Visual Studio Project Source Control Format Editor
215 .VSPX Opener Visual Studio Performance Report Data Format Editor
216 .VSQ Opener VOCALOID2 Project Format Editor
217 .VSS Opener Visio Stencil Format Editor
218 .VSSETTINGS Opener Visual Studio Settings Format Editor
219 .VSSM Opener Visio Macro-Enabled Stencil Format Editor
220 .VSSSCC Opener Visual Studio Solution Source Control Format Editor
221 .VSSX Opener Visio Stencil Format Editor
222 .VST Opener VST Audio Plugin Editor
223 .VSTM Opener Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing Template Editor
224 .VSTX Opener Visio Drawing Template Editor
225 .VSV Opener Virtual Machine Saved State Format Editor
226 .VSW Opener Visio Workspace Format Editor
227 .VSX Opener Visio Stencil XML Format Editor
228 .VSZ Opener Visual Studio Wizard Format Editor
229 .VTF Opener Valve Texture Format Editor
230 .VTM Opener Visual Tool Markup Language Document Editor
231 .VTML Opener Visual Tool Markup Language Format Editor
232 .VTV Opener Adobe Dreamweaver Validator Configuration Format Editor
233 .VTX Opener Visio Template XML Format Editor
234 .VUD Opener Virtual Machine Undo Drive Format Editor
235 .VUE Opener Vue Scene Format Editor
236 .VVD Opener Vivid 3D Scanner Element Format Editor
237 .VVF Opener CCTV DVR Camera Video Format Format Editor
238 .VVVVVV Opener VVVVVV Game Level Format Editor
239 .VW Opener Volkswriter Text Format Editor
240 .VWX Opener Vectorworks Design Format Editor
241 .VXD Opener Virtual Device Driver Editor
242 .VXML Opener VoiceXML Format Editor
243 .VX_ Opener Compressed Virtual Device Driver Format Editor
244 .VYF Opener Samsung Digital Voice Recorder Format Editor
245 .VYM Opener VYM Mind Map Format Editor
246 .V30 Opener QuickBooks V 3.0 Backup Editor
247 .VFM Opener Ventura Publisher Font Metrics Editor
248 .VPU Opener Avast! Update Package Editor
249 .VOL3.EGG Opener Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed Format Archive (part 3) Editor
250 .VI1 Opener Kaspersky Anti-Virus Editor
251 .VTZ Opener VTPro-E Compiled Project Editor
252 .VRJ Opener Netscape Navigator Editor
253 .VSWP Opener VMware Virtual Memory Editor
254 .VLB Opener Corel Ventura Library Editor
255 .VLOGO Opener VinylMaster Logo Editor
256 .VRGE08MESSAGE Opener Microsoft Entourage 2008 Message Editor
257 .VS1 Opener Vistumbler Export Editor
258 .VES Opener C Visual Explorer Saved State Editor
259 .VOCA Opener Julius Vocabulary Editor
260 .VXN Opener Furcadia Particle Effect Data Editor
261 .VFP Opener TMPGEnc VFAPI Extension Editor
262 .VCARD Opener VCard Editor
263 .VTBL Opener PIPE-FLO Professional Valve Data Table Editor
264 .VAF Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Common Tools Analyzer Server Project Item Editor
265 .VIT Opener VITec Scanner Raster Format Editor
266 .VOL1.EGG Opener Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed Format Archive (part 1) Editor
267 .VCN Opener NCDrive Vacon NX System Software Editor
268 .VS3 Opener VSampler Editor
269 .VCISO Opener Pathea Planet Explorers ISO Editor
270 .VL Opener Visual Labels Project Editor
271 .VRH Opener ViewRanger Map Editor
272 .VSU Opener Visio Custom User Interface Editor
273 .VR1 Opener Advance Design Results Editor
274 .VDB3 Opener VistaDB Database Editor
275 .VMBX Opener HP TRIM Outlook Saved Message Editor
276 .VMDF Opener MyWinLocker Encrypted Virtual Drive Editor
277 .VTA Opener Valve Face Flex Editor
278 .VDOC Opener Superior SQL Builder Project Editor
279 .VI2 Opener Kaspersky Anti-Virus Editor
280 .VTT Opener VisionTools Pro-e Project Editor
281 .VLM Opener Novell Netware Virtual Loadable Module Editor
282 .VOL6.EGG Opener Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed Format Archive (part 6) Editor
283 .VCH Opener Master Genealogist Genealogy Chart Editor
284 .VF3 Opener Vaultlet Suite Encrypted Editor
285 .VTI Opener Visualization Toolkit Image Data Editor
286 .VDF Opener AntiVir Virus Definition Editor
287 .VLL Opener Virtual Light Lab Show Editor
288 .VRGE08CONTACT Opener Microsoft Entourage 2008 Contact Editor
289 .VYK Opener MISYS Editor
290 .VCB Opener VMware Consolidated Backup Editor
291 .VSPC Opener 3D-Album Settings Editor
292 .VSDIR Opener Microsoft Visual Studio IDE NewFileItems Editor
293 .VZD Opener INM VizionDB Editor
294 .VBN Opener Symantec AntiVirus Quarantined Editor
295 .VSB Opener Virtual Sampler Bank Editor
296 .VSPOLICY Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Policy Description Language Editor
297 .V3M Opener Vector Art 3D Machinist Format Editor
298 .V11P Opener ACDSee Photo Disc Editor
299 .VKF Opener Videonizer Activation Key Editor
300 .VOL2.EGG Opener Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed Format Archive (part 2) Editor
301 .VE2 Opener Cyberlink PowerDVD Settings Editor
302 .VBL Opener Visual Basic User Control Licensing Editor
303 .VXO Opener Tri Stripper 3D Model Editor
304 .VMOD Opener Vassal Module Editor
305 .VCPROPS Opener Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Property Sheet Editor
306 .VKP Opener Sony Ericsson Firmware Patch Editor
307 .VCI Opener VPHybridCAD Native Drawing Format Editor
308 .VPRJ Opener VideoReDo Project Editor
309 .VGHD Opener VirtuaGirlHD Model Videoclip Editor
310 .VTSCR Opener Visual Trading Systems Editor
311 .VX Opener Opera Editor
312 .VMAP Opener ManGoS Editor
313 .V11O Opener ACDSee Offline Media Editor
314 .VXP Opener Intel VTune Performance Monitor Pack And Go Editor
315 .VZR Opener Sinowal.vzr Malware Editor
316 .VSSCC Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Temporary Editor
317 .VC5 Opener Microsoft Visual C Make Editor
318 .VXT Opener Test Automation Editor XML Test Module Editor
319 .VFO Opener VOB 5 Video Editor
320 .VPG Opener VideoPad Video Editor
321 .VSTO Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Editor
322 .VEW Opener Novell GroupWise E-mail View Editor
323 .VIK Opener Viking Editor
324 .VDZ Opener Schneider Vijeo Designer Project Editor
325 .VSTPRESET Opener Cubase Preset Editor
326 .VFL Opener PrintMaster Gold ClipArt Editor
327 .VFI Opener Metro 2033 Game Editor
328 .VBC Opener Visual Business Cards Editor
329 .VCG Opener Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove VCard Contact Editor
330 .VOL8.EGG Opener Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed Format Archive (part 8) Editor
331 .VCWIN32 Opener Visual C Make Editor
332 .VBA Opener Visual Basic VBA Module Editor
333 .VTD Opener Microsoft Windows Custom Virtual Device Driver Editor
334 .VPP_PC Opener Saints Row 2 Game Editor
335 .VTFX Opener Ceetron VTFX Format Editor
336 .V2D Opener VersaCAD Editor
337 .VMLOG Opener VMware Replay Recording Editor
338 .VLR Opener Visual Liturgy Lectionary Plan Editor
339 .VET Opener VET Antivirus System Editor
340 .VZX Opener INM VizionDB Editor
341 .V16 Opener BrainVoyager QX High-resolution 3D Anatomical Editor
342 .VDT Opener Viral Document Toolkit Editor
343 .VIX Opener ACUCOBOL-GT Index Editor
344 .VFN Opener Stronghold 3 Data Editor
345 .VKM Opener VICE Keyboard Setting Editor
346 .VIB Opener Chemsoft Export/Import MSDS Data Editor
347 .VBTLOG Opener VBTheory Calculator Editor
348 .VHDTRAILERS Opener VirtuaGirlHD Video Trailer Editor
349 .VSIXLANGPACK Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Localised VSIX Package Editor
350 .VMR Opener BrainVoyager QX Anatomical 3D Data Set Editor
351 .VBO Opener Microsoft Access Package Deployment References Editor
352 .VDIC Opener Password Recovery Dictionary Editor
353 .VAI Opener PhotoDub Album Voice And Image Editor
354 .VFA Opener FontLab Database Editor
355 .VDPLUGIN Opener VirtualDub Plugin Editor
356 .VRG Opener ViewRanger Map Editor
357 .VEE Opener HP VEE Project Editor
358 .V2 Opener Microsoft Live Messenger Data Editor
359 .VHDINF Opener VirtuaGirl HD Model Package Installation Editor
360 .VWF Opener CADvance Drawing Format Editor
361 .VEL Opener NEPLAN Network Differences Editor
362 .V4S Opener Microsoft Windows Script Host Editor
363 .VRC Opener ViewRanger Map Editor
364 .VRM Opener Corel Quattro Pro Overlay Editor
365 .VMB Opener Quicken 2002 Order Editor
366 .VSA Opener Symantec Virtual Package Editor Virtual Software Archive Editor
367 .VJB Opener Visustin Job Editor
368 .VOPREFS Opener Apple Mac OS X VoiceOver Document Editor
369 .V2C Opener WellSight Systems HASP SRM License Information Editor
370 .VTG Opener SlickEdit Workspace Editor
371 .VWS Opener SmartWare Standard View Editor
372 .VXL Opener Tiberian Sun Voxel Animation Format Editor
373 .VOM Opener Viseme Mapping Editor
374 .VEH Opener Fly! Vehicle Description Editor
375 .VC7 Opener Microsoft Visual C Makefile Editor
376 .VVT Opener Vivien Template Editor
377 .VSTDIR Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Project Type Settings Editor
378 .VERSION Opener Linux Gated Daemon Editor
379 .VCZ Opener Pictures By PC Drawing Editor
380 .VDML Opener VectorDraw Drawing Editor
381 .VPR Opener Adobe Premiere Preset Editor
382 .V11PF Opener ACDSee Private Folder Editor
383 .VXF Opener Microsoft Money Editor
384 .VOL10.EGG Opener Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed Format Archive (part 10) Editor
385 .VTK Opener Visualization Toolkit Legacy Editor
386 .VSF Opener V+ VComm Signal Or Record Editor
387 .VEP4 Opener AVS Video Editor Project Editor
388 .VIH Opener Video Metadata Editor
389 .VS2 Opener Corel VideoStudio 2 Editor
390 .VKDJ Opener Vkontakte.DJ Playlist Editor
391 .VIW Opener Microsoft SQL Server View Script Editor
392 .VOX-8K Opener Dialogic 4-bit ADPCM Editor
393 .VPDB Opener VIP Organizer Information Database Editor
394 .VPLUGIN Opener Orcs Must Die! Plugin Editor
395 .VMM Opener Visual Mind Document Editor
396 .VIF Opener Khoros Visualization Bitmap Image Editor
397 .VAM Opener MS Visual Studio Common Tools Vanalyzer Project Item Editor
398 .VSCT Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Command Table Configuration Editor
399 .VRGE08NOTE Opener Microsoft Entourage 2008 Note Editor
400 .VTY Opener ViTALiTy Warez Release Editor
401 .VOP Opener Visual OTTHYMO Project Editor
402 .VPO Opener VASTprogrammer Editor
403 .VFE Opener Left 4 Dead Editor
404 .VSPOLICYDEF Opener Visual Studio Policy Editor
405 .VTR Opener Visualization Toolkit Rectilinear Grid Data Editor
406 .VME Opener Virtual Matrix Encryption Editor
407 .VJSPROJ Opener Microsoft Visual J# Project Editor
408 .VSHADERBIN Opener Stronghold 3 Shader Editor
409 .VNS Opener Visual Net Server Editor
410 .V3V Opener Vector Art 3D Model Editor
411 .VBDPROJ Opener Visual Basic .NET Device Project Editor
412 .VLMC Opener VLMC Project Editor
413 .VQL Opener TwinVQ Audio Format Editor
414 .VERT Opener QT Shader Editor
415 .VRGE08TASK Opener Microsoft Entourage 2008 Task Editor
416 .VRGE08GROUP Opener Microsoft Entourage 2008 Group Editor
417 .VFX Opener Animation Master Volumetric Effect Extension Editor
418 .VL2 Opener Tribes 2 Game Editor
419 .VMOPTIONS Opener Install4j VM Parameters Editor
420 .VXE Opener Agilent VEE Runtime Program Editor
421 .VBB Opener VirtualBoss Backup Editor
422 .VIN Opener AWR Project Settings Editor
423 .V4E Opener Microsoft Windows Script Host Editor
424 .VDDPROJ Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Deployment Project Editor
425 .VGR Opener Ventura Publisher Bitmap Editor
426 .VMOAPP Opener VMware VCenter Orchestrator Application Editor
427 .V3S Opener Visual3D Pipeline Editor
428 .VC15 Opener Microsoft Visual C 1.5 Make Editor
429 .VD Opener PwrDev Visual Designer Project Editor
430 .VSK Opener PocketMusic Skin Editor
431 .VWR Opener Ixia IxVeriWave RAW 802.11 Capture Editor
432 .VH Opener WinHelp VH Editor
433 .VSIXMANIFEST Opener Microsoft Visual Studio VSIX Manifest Editor
434 .VEF Opener Infinite Game Engine Visual Effects Editor
435 .VRP Opener Vectir Profile Template Editor
436 .VSTEMPLATE Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Project Template Editor
437 .VDK Opener Ragnarok 2 Game Editor
438 .VPN Opener WinGate VPN Configuration Editor
439 .VW3 Opener Volkswriter 3 Text Editor
440 .VOL5.EGG Opener Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed Format Archive (part 5) Editor
441 .VICAR Opener VICAR Graphics Editor
442 .VDCL Opener VectorDraw Compressed Drawing Editor
443 .VCC Opener VersaCheck Editor
444 .VMP Opener VinylMaster Pro Editor
445 .VGP Opener Vectir Profile Group Editor
446 .VM1 Opener Panasonic Voice Editor
447 .VPW Opener SlickEdit Workspace Editor
448 .VTP Opener Visualization Toolkit Polygonal Data Editor
449 .VMXA Opener VMware ACE Master Configuration Editor
450 .VLD Opener DataFlex Variable Length Datafile Editor
451 .VMEM Opener VMware Virtual Machines Paging Editor
452 .VO2 Opener Celestial Impact Map Editor
453 .VHDDAT Opener VirtuaGirl HD Model Package Data Editor
454 .VLS Opener Visual Localize Script Editor
455 .VUP Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Visual C++ Utility Project Editor
456 .VTU Opener Visualization Toolkit Unstructured Points Data Editor
457 .VNW Opener Renamed RAR Editor
458 .VTS Opener Intel VTune Program Performance Monitor Project Editor
459 .VSO Opener NVidia Compiled Vertex Shader Editor
460 .VOX-6K Opener Dialogic 4-bit ADPCM Editor
461 .VECT Opener Geomview OOGL Objects Vect Editor
462 .VRS Opener Corel WordPerfect Video Resource Device Driver Editor
463 .VTC Opener ReliaSoft Related Editor
464 .VHM Opener HotMux Thermocouple Data Log Editor
465 .VVC Opener Infinity Game Engine Visual Spell Casting Effects Editor
466 .VAB Opener Sony Playstation/PS2 Bank Editor
467 .V03 Opener Axialis Thumbnail Cache Editor
468 .VFS1 Opener Metro 2033 Game Editor
469 .VIEW Opener GOM Atos Scanner Editor
470 .VRT Opener Viscape For Netscape Navigator Editor
471 .VC2 Opener Microsoft Visual C Editor
472 .VOL4.EGG Opener Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed Format Archive (part 4) Editor
473 .VRGE08EVENT Opener Microsoft Entourage 2008 Event Editor
474 .VCLIP Opener VinylMaster Clipart Editor
475 .VTL Opener Vocabulary Trainer Editor
476 .VISMAT Opener Rhino V-Ray Material Editor
477 .VEXPORTER Opener Stronghold 3 Editor Editor
478 .VPB Opener Quantel VPB Image Format Editor
479 .VQA Opener Command And Conquer Game Video Formats Editor
480 .VBI Opener IntelliCAD VBA Script Editor
481 .V8 Opener Covox 8-bit Audio Editor
482 .VHDL Opener Quartus II VHDL Design Editor
483 .VSC Opener McAffee VirusScan Configuration Editor
484 .VRE Opener ASG Remote Desktop Settings Editor
485 .VWP Opener BrainVoyager QX Visualization Setting Editor
486 .VCAL Opener Apple ICal Document Editor
487 .VOL7.EGG Opener Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed Format Archive (part 7) Editor
488 .VOL9.EGG Opener Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed Format Archive (part 9) Editor
489 .VSR Opener Microsoft Access Report Editor
490 .VGL Opener VGStudio Project Editor
491 .VST3 Opener Cubase Plugin Editor
492 .VHDSHOWS Opener VirtuaGirl HD Video Show Editor
493 .VNU Opener CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer Project Editor
494 .VDAT Opener SkyGazer Data Editor
495 .VPCACHE Opener Visual Pinball Rendered Table Cache Editor
496 .VVS Opener Driver 3 Game Data Editor
497 .VHDDLD Opener VirtuaGirl HD Editor
498 .V2X Opener TI Connect Data Format Editor
499 .V60PP Opener ACDSee Pro Data Format Editor
500 .V60PPF Opener ACDSee Data Format Editor
501 .VAPPLAUNCHER Opener System Center Configuration Manager Format Editor
502 .VFS4 Opener NUVICO EasyNet Backup Format Editor
503 .VELLUM Opener Vellum E-book Project Format Editor
504 .VFONT Opener Valve Source Font Format Editor
505 .VED Opener Visionaire Studio Data Format Editor
506 .VMTR Opener Doom Game Data Format Editor
507 .VMCZ Opener Hyper-V Imported Virtual Machine Format Editor
508 .VDAFS Opener CAD VDA-FS Data Exchange Format Format Editor
509 .VWI Opener Microsoft SharePoint Workflow Diagram Format Editor
510 .VXM Opener VTask Studio Data Format Editor
511 .VAS Opener XWE Data Format Editor
512 .VFJ Opener Personal Backup Data Format Editor
513 .VP4 Opener Crystal Player Data Format Editor
514 .VSMETA Opener Synology Video Station Metadata Format Editor
515 .V80UPF Opener ACDSee Photo Manager Private Folder Format Editor
516 .VFR Opener UEFI VFR Code Format Editor
517 .VLZ Opener PTV Vissim Compiled Delay Data Format Editor
518 .V8P Opener ACDSee Photo Manager Data Format Editor
519 .VSHADER Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Data Format Editor
520 .VP2 Opener Vee-Hive Library Format Editor
521 .VERS Opener Version Description Data Format Editor
522 .VV Opener Virt Viewer Configuration Format Editor
523 .VGT Opener Driver 3 VGT Game Data Format Editor
524 .V7O Opener ACDSee Photo Manager Data Format Editor
525 .VP9 Opener VP9 Video Format Editor
526 .VPROJ Opener VSDC Free Video Editor Project Format Editor
527 .VGM7Z Opener XWE Data Format Editor
528 .VMZ Opener Novapoint Protected Virtual Map Format Editor
529 .V2Y Opener Texas Instruments TI Voyage 200 Program Format Editor
530 .VSM Opener Blackberry Data Format Editor
531 .VMRS Opener Hyper-V Virtual Machine Runtime State Data Format Editor
532 .VJSPROJDATA Opener Visual J# Format Editor
533 .VMENU Opener VCD Menu Lite Data Format Editor
534 .VNSCENE Opener EdgeFX Scene Format Editor
535 .V7P Opener ACDSee Photo Manager Data Format Editor
536 .VIP3 Opener Husqvarna Viking Stitch Format Format Format Editor
537 .V2S Opener TI Voyage 200 String Format Editor
538 .VP5 Opener CrystalPlayer Video Format Editor
539 .V2T Opener Voyage200 Text Format Editor
540 .VERIFY Opener Doom Game Data Format Editor
541 .VOD Opener WorldGroup Manager Video On Demand Movie Format Editor
542 .VDJSAMPLE Opener VirtualDJ Audio Sample Format Editor
543 .VFK Opener Czech Cadastral Exchange Data Format Format Editor
544 .VSDIF Opener Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder Project Format Editor
545 .VELF Opener Sony PS Vita ELF Binary Format Editor
546 .VVI Opener VisView INI Data Format Editor
547 .VHDPMEM Opener Hyper-V Persistent Memory Device Image Format Editor
548 .VSN Opener ViruSafe Version Data Format Editor
549 .V2K Opener TI Connect Data Format Editor
550 .VBAK Opener Autodesk Vault Backup Data Format Editor
551 .VMLT Opener VMLF Related Data Format Editor
552 .VIRTUALVILLAGERS4THETREEOFLIFESAVEDGAME Opener Virtual Villagers Saved Game Format Editor
553 .VCL Opener Roxio Video CD Layout Format Editor
554 .VBOXSAVE Opener SecurityBox Encrypted Data Backup Format Editor
555 .VSGLOG Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Data Format Editor
556 .VZI Opener VertiZontal Interlacing Picture Image Format Editor
557 .VMLF Opener AVI Movie Format Editor
558 .VFPROJ Opener Visual Studio Intel Fortran Project Format Editor
559 .VTO Opener VTK HyperOctree Data Format Editor
560 .VBADOC Opener Project Analyzer Data Format Editor
561 .V2F Opener TI Voyage 200 Function Format Editor
562 .VIDEO_LAST_THUMB Opener Google Android Thumbnail Data Format Editor
563 .V01 Opener Genesis 2000 Data Format Editor
564 .V264 Opener TENVIS IP Camera Recorded Video Format Editor
565 .V2A Opener TI Connect Data Format Editor
566 .V2E Opener TI Connect Data Format Editor
567 .V2G Opener TI Voyage 200 Group Data Format Editor
568 .V2N Opener TI Connect Data Format Editor
569 .V2P Opener TI Connect Data Format Editor
570 .V2Z Opener TI Connect Data Format Editor
571 .V4W Opener Microsoft WordPad MFC Data Format Editor
572 .V60PO Opener ACDSee Pro Format Editor
573 .V80UO Opener ACDSee Photo Manager Data Format Editor
574 .V80UP Opener ACDSee Photo Manager Disc Format Editor
575 .V8O Opener ACDSee Offline Media Format Editor
576 .VBEE Opener EmEditor Data Format Editor
577 .VCA Opener Visual Clip Art Data Format Editor
578 .VCAGC Opener Citrix XenApp Data Format Editor
579 .VCPRJ Opener ConvertXtoVideo Project Format Editor
580 .VCXITEMS Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Project Items Format Editor
581 .VDJCACHE Opener VirtualDJ Cache Format Editor
582 .VE Opener Vinyl Express LXi Design Format Editor
583 .VFS0 Opener Metro 2033 Sound Format Editor
584 .VG2 Opener Media Player Classic Video Data Format Editor
585 .VGF Opener GEMPAK VGF Data Format Editor
586 .VHB Opener Renee Becca Backup Archive Format Editor
587 .VHO Opener Xilinx Instantiation Template Format Editor
588 .VIA Opener ARM Compiler Data Format Editor
589 .VIIVO Opener Viivo Encrypted Data Format Editor
590 .VISUAL Opener World Of Tanks 3D Model Surface Format Editor
591 .VISUAL_PROCESSED Opener World Of Tanks 3D Model Surface Format Editor
592 .VJP Opener Microsoft Visual J++ Project Format Editor
593 .VKS Opener VMware Workstation Data Format Editor
594 .VP8 Opener VP8 Video Codec Video Format Editor
595 .VPF Opener Vector Product Format Format Editor
596 .VPT Opener Visual Pinball Table Data Format Editor
597 .VRBS Opener LameXP Audio Encoder Data Format Editor
598 .VRIMG Opener Chaos Software V-Ray Picture Image Format Editor
599 .VRMANIFEST Opener Steam Manifest Data Format Editor
600 .VROMFS Opener War Thunder Game Data Format Editor
601 .VSPOLICYCACHE Opener Microsoft Visual Studio Cache Format Editor
602 .VSQX Opener VOCALOID Editor Project Format Editor
603 .VUS Opener VuStat Data Format Editor
604 .VUZE Opener Vuze Data Format Editor
605 .VVV Opener Virtual Volumes View Data Format Editor
606 .VWL Opener Qualcomm Vuforia Word List Format Editor
607 .VZM Opener Ventuz Director Mesh Data Format Editor